Our story

Niloh was conceived during Summer 2020 and initially took form as a small creative project which combined my two passions of candles and femme art.

Drawing inspiration from my East African heritage, the Goddess candles are inspired by the womxn in my family. I wanted to design normative bodies which showcased the beauty and power of the female form so that womxn, of all sizes and race can see themselves as the Goddesses that they are.

Made from 100% soy wax, each collection is thoughtfully curated using a blend of artisan fragrance oils that embody the collection. Each Goddess is meticulously hand-poured in small batch, slow, production and left to cure for two weeks. The results: a heavenly and divine scent which fills your room.

My mission with Niloh is simple. To create beautifully scented objects which inspire and uplift.